Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We had fun visiting a local pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating this year! Emily went as a princess vampira and Brayden went as Tow Mater from the CARS movie. Pretty cute!

In the field picking our pumpkins
Our collection of pumpkins and squash
Emily and Brayden riding the animal train

We were very creative this year and had fun carving!
Emily and Brayden were very proud and excited for Halloween
Emily the princess vampira and Brayden as Mater


Wow! We had beautiful weather and spent a lot of time enjoying our new environment in Sammamish. Pine Lake has become a new favorite destination spot and it's only 5 minutes from the house! Emily has taken up fishing and managed to catch a crayfish!
Emily and Brayden taking advantage of the nice weather!
A scenic view from the beach
Playing on the play structure at Pine Lake Park
Emily has taken up fishing and managed to catch a crayfish at the lake. What a surprise that was! We named him Frankie and he only lasted a few days :(

Emily's first day of 3rd grade at Christa McAuliffe Elementary


This was the biggest month for us full of unexpected turns and surprises! We found out we were going to be moving to Seattle! We had to pack up, rent out or home, and find a house in our new area in a month or less! WHEW! What an emotional ride that was! We managed to pull it all together and celebrate Emily's 8th birthday with her close friends before we left.

Emily playing video games at the bowling alley before her friends arrived

The girls had a blast bowling and actually did quite well!

Getting ready for the ice cream cake and opening presents

Emily opening up her gifts

Emily and Emily

The Gang!


We had a great time enjoying Central Oregon with my parents at EagleCrest Resort. What a fun week! The weather was perfect and we had a blast. The kids LOVED to swim and Brayden did so well getting used to the water!

In the midst of it all the fun,we could not forget our beloved Taz. He went into heart failure before we left for vacation and found out he had a murmer, kidney disease and pancreatitis. The poor cat. He is still hanging on....


June brought some warmer weather but we still had a lot of rain! Jade managed to get out mountain biking more and Emily also concluded her 2nd grade at Chinook Elementary
Jade at one of this favorite spots...a little piece of heaven!
Emily's last day of 2nd grade


We had a very full month! We had our trip to Lake Chelan, WA for spring break, Brayden's 3rd birthday, spring soccer and Easter! Whew!
Lake Chelan
Brayden playing in the sand
Emily and I playing mini-golf by the lake
Celebrating Brayden's 3rd birthday while we were on vacation
Emily playing spring soccer, her last season with the Pixie Chicks


The kids sure enjoyed what little snow we got this winter!