Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Emily had fun yesterday at her class fieldtrip. The am and pm Kindergarteners in two classes went to Bi-Zi Farms to get a pumpkin, go through a bale maze, pet various animals and climb a hay pyramid. They even saw a hen with her eggs. I went as a parent volunteer and quite enjoyed getting to know Emily's classmates. Fun times had by all!

End of Soccer Season

Soccer season has officially come to an end for the infamous "Pixie Chicks". Emily and her team celebrated this past Tuesday at Round Table Pizza with shirt signing, trophies, pizza and a soccer cake. We sure had fun going out with a bang! Emily is already looking forward to next year and is asking when soccer starts again. We have a while to wait! Below is a team photo taken at their last game.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

13 Reasons Why I Love the Fall

1- the leaves changing colors on the trees
2- crisp leaves on the ground that Emily has been collecting
3- cooler temperatures with sun (not ready for the rain yet)
4- Brayden finally cutting 2 teeth ( not really about fall but happened in the fall)
5- first Parent Teacher Conference ( Emily is doing fantastic!)
6- apples, apples, apples!
7- lots of baking with apples
8- Halloween! Emily is going to be a witch and Brayden a pumpkin
9- warm adult drinks and snuggly blankets
10-lots of scary movies to watch brought home by my horror movie junkie hubby!
11-my mom coming to visit for a week ( not ever Fall, but this one for sure!)
12-Emily hopefully losing her bottom two teeth ( a Kindergarten milestone)
13-finally getting to be a stay at home mom to experience all of this to the fullest!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

They are alike! DUH!

I thought I would do something fun and post pictures of both kids at 6 months of age so family and friends could see how much alike they really are! DUH! Most of you already know that, but it was fun for me to do. Nothing much else is going on these days- just crip, cold fall weather. I will do a Fall posting soon. Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ahhhhhh......a SNAKE!!!!

This past weekend Emily and her friends were out riding bikes on our street and one of them found a small snake! It was the talk of the day and the kids loved holding it, touching it, throwing it, and putting it in a bucket. The dads got in on the action while us moms stayed our distance. The fun just never ends around here!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Bathtub fun

Brayden got a new bath seat this past week and LOVES to sit up now and play with one of Emily's balls. It keeps him entertained and his favorite thing to do is throw it in the water and lean over and try to pick it up. It's cute to watch and this method of bathing is proving to be much easier on the back and more enjoyable for him. We all win!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Teething joys....

One thing I had not even considered having a 5 year old and 6 month old, is that they would have teething issues at the SAME TIME! Emily's two bottom teeth have been loose for months now and we discovered her new teeth are sprouting right behind the wiggly ones! No wonder all I hear is "ouch, my teeth!". So then there is Brayden, who has been drooling excessively for months with NO sign of teeth but feels warm all the time, is cranky, needy, and wakes up frequently at night. Emily never had a problem until her 2 year molars came in so this 6 month business is new for me. So, being the panicky mother that I am, called the dentist who reassured me that this was normal for Emily but that I could bring her in if I wanted to. We'll wait and see how bad it gets first....praying for a visit from the tooth fairy soon!