Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Girls Weekend in Snohomish, WA.

A lot has been going on in your family and a much needed mother/daughter trip was in order! My aunt Karen, my dad's sister, was celebrating her 70th birthday and we were invited to join in on the fun! Karen is a visual artist and owner of a yoga studio in Snohomish. Her and her partner Warner Blake, renovated a church and rectory into a beautiful home and studio for their work. They have a beautiful garden out front with many sculptures and artsy decor. Emily loved to roam around the garden during our stay. The festivities began with a dinner for about 35 close friends and family, a concert by a friend who plays the electric cello, and then party including 14 individual cakes with 5 candles in each. Emily loved every minute of it. It was a BYOB kind of thing and I don't know if I've ever seen SO many bottles of wine in one place before. It was sure fun taste testing! There were over 100 people there and it was a blast. The best part of it was, I got to see my parents. We surprised Emily as she didn't know she was going to see them, and it was fun to see her reaction. There were other kids there including her cute cousin Mateo, so she was in her glory and did not want to leave! It was a quick weekend but so good to reconnect with family!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Yes, I admit I am obsessed with the "Twilight Saga." Not sure if anyone is as obsessed as I am! I check out on daily basis to catch up on on the latest. They are almost done filming "New Moon" in Vancouver B.C., and will soon head to Italy to film the last few scenes with the Volturi. I am WAY more excited for "New Moon" to come out than I ever was for "Twilight." The actors look beautiful, buff, and easy on the eyes!! They will start shooting "Eclipse" towards the end of August. Yes, my obsession is pathetic but what can I say? I loved the series and want to read it again sometime before November. To highten my vampire obsession I'm almost done with the 4th book of the vampire series by Anne Rice. I love both for different reasons. Plus Jade already had all of them so I can read at my leasure. I've added a ticker on my side bar to keep track! I guess when you hit 35, like I did, you revert back to some of your early 20's behaviors which by the way, include going out and partying like I'm 25 not 35. I paid for it, rest assured. If anyone wants to go see "New Moon" with me in November I'd love the company!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Warmer weather and some slip-n-slide fun!!

80+ degrees means time to bust out the water toys! Emily got a slip-n-slide yesterday and had to try it out while Brayden patiently waited in his high chair. Emily even caught "some air!"

Today we all went out and Brayden had a blast exploring the water, getting splashed by his sister and enjoying the soggy grass! It was fun to see him doing some water play! Summer is almost here!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Time flies!

Okay, so I've been a really bad blogger lately! It is time for an update! No pictures though. Maybe we'll take some this weekend- it's supposed to be warm so maybe some water play or picnic in the park pics are in order... I hold myself accountable.

Since my last post we have celebrated a few more birthdays, including mine, and then ended the month of April with a visit from Jade's parents. We rented a big SUV and headed to Kennewick for some horse races. "Genie" was in the race, she is one of my in-laws racing horses. It was an interesting venture, the kids did great on the trip but poor Genie placed last in the race due to some difficult breaking from the gate. Despite that it was a great new venture for us Holsan's.

Emily's Spring soccer season has ended with a very muddy last game. Darn rain! I think she's glad to have it over with and says she can't handle getting muddy. SO hilarious coming from the mouth of a girl that digs in the dirt, rocks, and collects bugs! We can't wait for Fall soccer and in the meantime some swimming lessons are in order!!

Emily's Kindergarten year has flown by full of drama, tears, smiles, littlest pet shops, play dates, exiting out of Kindergarten reading early and making me proud with her phonetic spelling that only I seem to be able to read with ease and great sentence structure. She informed me this morning that she's having a hard time drawing pictures on her homework and would like to take art classes! Hmmmm....

Brayden is now 13 months old and a little imp if there ever was one! We've spent countless hours rearranging the playroom to make it more "Brayden friendly" and now her room is redone and she loves how it's organized. She's following quickly in my footsteps and loves to help with that aspect.

Until next time....