Monday, June 15, 2009

Fruits/Veggies of Our Labor

This past weekend we spent a lot of painstaking hours on our yard getting it ready for the summer. We have a lot going on and we wanted to take advantage of the cooler weather to put bark mulch down in our beds and tend to the backyard and garden. We picked our first bunch of Sugar Snap Peas and man were they delish! Our zuchini and cucumber are flowering with tiny beginnings of veggies. I can't wait for my peppers and tomatoes. Dill anyone? It by far is the biggest, fastest growing herb that I've ever seen! My basil is making a mad come back and we've used the chives on yummy baked potatoes! Jade has been busy planting 3 new bushes and I've been hard at work adding color to the yard! This is the first year we've really spruced up the yard. Hope it lasts!