Monday, August 31, 2009

Emily's 6th Birthday!

We had a great time celebrating Emily's 6th Birthday this past weekend, that started off with a party at Build-A-Bear and then off to Carousels and More for some fun rides, cake, ice cream and gifts! Fun was had by all and the kids loved taking home their special bear.

On Sunday, her actual birthday, we went and got Emily's ears pierced in the morning- picture to come later, the camera is dead! Then in the afternoon we headed to Merwin Lake for some fun in the beautiful weather! The sand was Brayden's favorite and we could not get Emily out of the water. We then attempted to eat a picnic dinner but got swarmed by yellow jackets (at least 10 just around Brayden) so we packed up and finished at home. We had a great time getting out as a family! Here are a few pictures to highlight this special weekend.

That Darn Cat!!

We have the most lovable, tolerant and good natured Siamese cat that I've ever known. I grew up with Siamese cats all of my life and now we own two. Taz is so good with the kids and on this particular day Emily decided to play dress up with him and give him milk. He just sat there for the longest time and let her "play" with him. Too funny!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Trip to the Living Planet Aquarium

While we were in Utah, we met up with some of our family to see the Aquarium nearby. It was a blast and I couldn't believe how much the kids got out of it. Brayden had fun in his stroller and loved seeing "Nemo." The kids got to pet the Sting Rays but Emily was hesitant. I think they scared her! What a good way to spend a VERY hot afternoon!

Trip to Utah/Wyoming

I'm a little late posting from our trip. Life has been hectic upon returning to say the least. We had a wonderful 10 days away that started off with Holli's wedding and ended with a long visit at my parent's house. I saw some friends that I had not seen in over 10 years and it was fun to catch up. We also got together with our family and Jade's and all the cousins had a blast playing together. Her favorite part was the pool Grandpa got for the kids to play in. The weather was hot and the kids had fun running back and forth between the hot tub and the pool. Ethan, Seth and Emily wore themselves out each time they played together. We also celebrated Ethan's 8th birthday while we were there. Emily loved seeing family and did not want to leave. Although, when we landed in Portland she said " mom it sure feels good to be home." I think she missed her toys and of course all her friends in the neighborhood. Here are some highlights from the trip.