Wednesday, September 22, 2010


So a lot has been happening with Emily, but I did not want to forget my little red-headed sassy two year old! He's a joy to all who know him and he likes to flirt all the time! He is also growing at a rapid rate and will be 2 1/2 next month! He loves to kick the ball around outside, draw with chalk, dig in the rocks, play with trucks and make a mess! He is infatuated with Thomas the Train and Barney. He categorizes the buses we see driving. There are city buses, school buses, and home buses ( motor homes). He gets so excited when we pull out his crayons and paper and pretends to take attendance. He picked this up at school. I can't believe how well he talks using adult like phrases. He is SO special with his little voice and I love having him at work with me so I can peak in his classroom when he can't see me :)

Fall Soccer

With the new school year comes season 3 of the Pixie Chicks! I cannot believe how these girls have grown up and matured! We added 2 new players to the team, as she is now in the U8 category. We now have "keepers" and Emily has proven that her goal keeping skills are as great as her ball skills. She's an amazing player and I hope her love for soccer continues!

Emily's 1st Day of Second Grade!

We started the school year off with a lot of rain!! Adjusting outfits, using raincoats, and keeping new tennis shoes clean was a chore! Emily has certainly grown up, literally! I think she grew a foot over the summer. It made buying jeans a breeze! She even got her first pair of skinny jeans. For those of you who really KNOW her, this was not something I nor she would typically buy. Guess times are a changin'! So grown up! YIKES!

Emily turns 7!

Brayden with our friend Ms. Jeannie from KinderCare

opening gifts

decorating cupcakes

Wow! How time flies. Emily celebrated her birthday at a local park with a few of her good friends. We made beaded necklaces and bracelets, decorated cupcakes, ate some munchies and best of all played on the FREE playground! The weather was cool and sunny and the kids had a blast! It was a great way to spend her special day!


Over the Summer Emily attended KinderCare's camp for school age children. It provided structure, weekly themes, fun activities and field trips. They had a western week so Emily got all dressed up! I thought it was the cutest, so I had to make it a photo op!

July 4th

We had an impromptu gathering at the Miller's house to light some fireworks, roast marshmallows and gather for some drinks and socialization with the neighbors. It was so fun and best of all, Brayden slept through ALL of it!!

Summer Vacation

Yikes! I haven't blogged since the end of the school year!! Okay, time to do some SERIOUS updating!! Our summer came and went in a flash! I went back to work full time for a few months while Emily was out of school. Needless to say this and other things got neglected. We managed to have a Holsan family vacation at the beginning of the summer to Seaside, Oregon. The weather was cool and drizzly but we managed to have some fun. Jade's parents, his sister Holli, and his sister Nikki and her family joined us on the coast. We rented a beachhouse that provided plenty of room ( with 3 levels) for all of us to gather. Here are a few pics from the trip!

Grammy Linda entertaining the children while I got the house in order and cars packed!

Brayden and I huddled together on the beach- it was FREEZING!

A picture of all the grandkids: Brayden 2, Dane 3 1/2, Emily 6 1/2, Addie 9, Jada 13

Emily and Addie playing fooseball in their PJ's. This became a favorite!!