Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Man am I behind on my blogging! Here is a run down of the past 3 months! One of my goals for 2011 is to get back into montly updates. Wish me luck!

In Oct. Emily concluded her 3rd season of soccer with the Pixie Chicks. She is doing so well and proving to be quite the athlete!

For Halloween Emily was a cow girl and Brayden a rooster. Emily had a lot of fun showing her brother the ropes when it came to trick or treating. I think we wore poor Brayden out!

In November Emily participated in a Masquarade Party with her brownie's troop. She chose to go as a black cat and I got my face painting skills on and went to town! For Thanksgiving my parents came for a visit and it was really nice to see them but their travels proved to be quite stressful with the weird winter weather we've had.

Early December we ventured out to Thorton's Tree Farm to cut down our tree. What an adventure! Both kids enjoyed a hay ride, warm cider and a visit to the farm's Llama. Emily even picked out our tree and it's the best one we've had in a long time!

We took pictures for this years Christmas Card and after many poses we got it just right. This is one that didn't make the card but it was cute :)

In December Emily was "Mary" in our church's Christmas Pageant. She had a lot of fun and it was a great experience for her. We couldn't be more proud! It's nice to have found a great church and I really want to make it a regular fixture in our life!